Land, Air and Sea Museum News


The Land Air and Sea day at Buckland Lake Reserve on August the 30th gave us a chance to show off many of our machines to people that have been asking to see them for a long time. The day went well with over 120 people attending, including our mad inventor friends from Belgium that came all the way to the UK with two mini busses full.


It was great to see everybody and chat through the collection and its aims. The kids in particular were really great, interested and well behaved.


By the way, to the chap that was asking how to waterproof the prop shaft of the VW amphibious conversion (sorry, did not get your name), you will probably find the answer to the problem is a ‘cutlass bearing’.


New up on the Exhibits page is the Wernicke Flying Car. This vehicle was on display for the first time. Coming soon will be the Amphibious Eagle and Luaz jeep.

 Several opportunities are now presenting themselves that are worth looking at for our permanent museum and we are looking into them.

Date Changed : 13/09/09